Native Tobacco Seeds



In order to get the soil ready for the Native Tobacco Seeds variety, you need to combine loamy soil, sand, compost or manure, rice husk ash and coco coir. If you don’t want to mix the soil yourself since it’s cumbersome, you may buy soil that’s already been mixed provided nearby grow shops have this available.

After that, place it in a container that does not have to be completely filled, sprinkle the seeds to thin them out, sprinkle the compost, then relocate the seedlings when they have between four and six true leaves after a total of around 80 days. So get started with the harvesting.

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Plant Height | 5-5′

Botanical Name | Nicotiana tabacum

Additional Characteristics | Native Tobacco

Packet | 50 + seeds

Sow Depth | Top of Soil

Breed | Open-pollinated

Sun | Full Sun

Life Cycle | Annual

Sow Method | Transplant

Categories | Herb

Days To Mature | 60


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