Virginia Bright Leaf Tobacco Seeds


An heirloom variety with a long history, Virginia Bright Leaf dates back several decades. It has an average height of 6 feet and between 18 and 20 leaves on each plant below the crow’s foot. After 55 days, it will have reached its full maturity and be ready to harvest. When mature, the light green leaves have an average width of 12 inches and a length of 24 inches, and they turn a light yellowish green color. As the plant nears its blooming stage, the leaves begin to mature. The leaves are easily air-dried to a light golden brown color, and the average output per plant is three ounces of dried leaf.

Plant Height | 5-8′

Botanical Name | Nicotiana tabacum

Seed Type | Seed

Additional Characteristics| Bright Leaf

Seeds Per Gram | 77,188

Packet Size |  50 + Seeds

Sow Depth | Top of Soil

Breed | Open-pollinated

Sun | Full Sun

Life Cycle | Annual

Sow Method | Transplant

Categories | Herb

Days To Maturity (# Days) | 75


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Tobacco seeds from the Virginia Bright Leaf familyVirginia Bright Leaf Tobacco Seeds